I am an advocate of living every day, trying new things, and generally immersing yourself in what life has to offer. This page is my soap box for this mantra, so if you share the same ethos, welcome and enjoy, because lets face it...

it would be rude not to.



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December 15, 2017

Best fruit mince pies in Sydney

May 17, 2017

For the longest time I had been hearing of the amazing cuisine found in Penang, the "Pearl of the Orient". Hearing that Penang was the food capital of Malaysia, you can imagine my excitement, this kind of hype had me salivating at the mere thought of visiting. Already...

May 17, 2017

Nestled amongst the back streets of Sydney City, at the Southern end of Hyde Park lies Cafe Cre Asion. If like me, you are a lover of all things Matcha, this cafe should be at the top of your list.

Why the obsession with Matcha I hear you ask? What is it? Why does it ke...

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