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Someone once told me, staying in one place was like reading one chapter of a book, when there is a whole story waiting to be discovered. That could not be more true for me. I adore where I live, but my trips are such highlights because I am able to immerse myself in other cultures, customs, and of course food. Seeing how other people interact has a profound affect on discovering yourself, you can learn a lot from observing how people from different countries approach day-to-day life, their habits, how they think, see the world, and how they interact. Through all my travels the one constant is food, food is the glue that brings families, friends, colleagues, humans together. We may not be of the same culture, country, religion, we may not speak the same language, but where we can communicate is through the act of dining together. Many a time i have not known how to order a certain food I wanted to try, other than point and hope for the best. Then the daunting task of eating all whilst the watchful eyes are upon you, does he enjoy our food? That moment you smile, rub your stomach with contentment, and if you're like me you'll attempt to speak the native language using one of the first words I seek to learn "yummy", "oishi", "ngon", "nostima",  "hao chi", "sabroso", "délicieux", "Apetisan", "lecker". This is almost guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of those around you, and in most cases a lot of laughter. Walls are broken down, often the chef then wants you to try more of their specialties, and you can guarantee many more laughs will follow. 

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

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