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I don't eat to live, I live to eat. Whether its deciding on my evening plans, or what I will do on the weekend, I know it will revolve around food. Food is not just something we do to survive, food is so much more. Food affects our mood, fuels and nourishes us, brings us together, forges bonds, creates lasting memories, gives us a reason to gather socially, it can be something to talk about on first dates, a source of adventure, and pleasure among many others things.

Throughout history food has been used to celebrate life, death, religion, tradition, birthdays, friendships, and weddings to name a few. Food is my life, and I find it exciting to see how it fits into other people's lives - in particular when I travel as it so often gives a valuable insight into the culture and customs of the location. Food brings people together, it breaks down barriers, when you are sitting in front of a good meal, whether you can speak the local tongue is irrelevant, food transcends language. 

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