I am an advocate of living every day, trying new things, and generally immersing yourself in what life has to offer. This page is my soap box for this mantra, so if you share the same ethos, welcome and enjoy, because lets face it...

it would be rude not to.



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August 24, 2019

Less than an 2 hour train ride from Shinjuku and you'll arrive in Hakone, one of my favourite side trips. Let me show you why you should make the short trip and see an area of Japan rich in history and packed full of exciting experiences. 

Please enjoy my 24 h...

July 16, 2019

Every truffle season I am frustrated and annoyed at the amount of cafes that either don't know how to use truffles, or do and blatantly rip consumers off. I have decided to write a blog explaining how cafes are misleading us and how we can avoid being ripped off. I wil...

July 16, 2019

My purchase of a 9 gram truffle from Madame Truffles for $27 has gone a long way. So far, I have infused 18 eggs, 600 ml of cream and 150 grams of honey. I still have 6 grams left, which I will most likely use for grating on my truffle infused eggs when I cook them. I'...

January 26, 2019

Preparation 0:15 | Cook 0:20 | Makes 4


fresh noodles, serving 4 (I use Yang Chuen)

3 tbsp. yellow bean paste 黄豆酱

1.5 tbsp. sweet bean paste, tian mian jiang 甜面酱

300 ml warm water

400 g minced pork (fatty pork preferred) 

1 tbsp Shaoxing w...

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