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Matcha Heaven, Cafe Cre Asion

Nestled amongst the back streets of Sydney City, at the Southern end of Hyde Park lies Cafe Cre Asion. If like me, you are a lover of all things Matcha, this cafe should be at the top of your list.

Why the obsession with Matcha I hear you ask? What is it? Why does it keep popping up on Instagram, and Facebook?

Matcha is green tea finely ground into a powder. There are numerous health benefits that Matcha boasts;

Top 6 Health benefits of Matcha

1. High in Antioxidants (anti ageing, improved skin)

2. Long lasting sustained energy boost

3. Relaxation whilst staying alert

4. Boosts memory and concentration

5. Increase metabolism / burn calories

6. Improves cholesterol

Clockwise: matcha latte; matcha chocolate fondant; matcha pudding; macarons; matcha tart

My favourite menu items at Cafe Cre Asion are the Matcha Swiss roll, Matcha Chocolate Fondant, and the Matcha tart, but truth be told everything here is great. Everything is made in house, in a tiny little kitchen behind the equally tiny counter. This quaint cafe balances the hustle and bustle of take away orders, along with dine in customers lining up to grab their own little space of real estate to sit and enjoy their food and drinks. On nice days you'll see people parked on street benches setting up their own area to enjoy the Matcha goodness.

Matcha swiss roll

The Matcha Swiss Roll has a delicately soft sponge, rich cream filling with a slightly bitter taste, most importantly a perfect balance between sponge and cream ensuring every bite is equally as delicious as the first. There are so many delicious items on the menu here, but I think this is my favourite. Its all about texture, biting into the soft fluffiness which is typical of Japanese sponge, followed by that moment you reach the thick matcha flavoured cream, just thinking about it has me wanting to visit again.

Clockwise: matcha swiss roll; matcha Iced latte; macarons; matcha chocolate fondant; matcha kakigori; iced chai latte

While all of the health benefits sounds great, the truth is I often consume Matcha in dessert form. I can only assume this negates a large portion of the health benefits Matcha claims to have, luckily the health benefits are not the reason I enjoy Matcha desserts. I eat and drink Matcha because I love the taste, its earthy, slightly bitter, with a slight sweetness. Its definitely an acquired taste, but once I became accustomed to it I haven't looked back.

Chocolate Matcha Fondant

One of their signature desserts is the Fondant, try not to spend too long taking photos as this is best eaten warm. The chocolate fondant once cut open oozes out a delicious matcha centre, warm and gooey this dessert is understandably one of their most popular items. For those of you that like the extra matcha experience it comes with some matcha pouring sauce on the side.

Clockwise: matcha latte; macarons; matcha tart & matcha swiss roll; matcha cookies; matcha chocolate fondant

There is something satisfying in finding a tiny cafe hidden from main stream foot traffic, serving up delicious food. Smiles on their face all whilst deciphering between take out and eat in customers, answering questions, directing new customers on where they can sit, taking orders, tallying bills, serving, cooking, and trying their hardest not to get in each others way . You can see chef hard at work pumping out matcha goodies in the ever so small kitchen.

If you are lucky enough to grab a seat inside, sit back and watch the staff in continual motion, creating, preparing, serving. The hexagonal tiles and tables take my thoughts to a similar working environment, a beehive. Working as a team bees do a considerable amount of work, each having specific jobs and duties. Creating a delicious elixir we call Honey, in the case of Cafe Cre Asion its Matcha. I'm not sure whether any thought was given when choosing the hexagonal tiles and tables, but it couldn't have been more fitting.

If you haven't yet tried matcha desserts, this is one of the best cafes in Sydney to visit. They have perfected the balance between bitter and sweet, not an easy harmony to achieve.


* The (dessert) menu is small consisting of high quality items, it would be hard to make a wrong decision. Start with the Swiss Roll.

Not so positives:

* The savoury menu is not at the same level as the desserts.

* It can be hard to get seating during busy periods

Note: This is an independent review, all food was purchased by "Itd be rude not to".

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