I am an advocate of living every day, trying new things, and generally immersing yourself in what life has to offer. This page is my soap box for this mantra, so if you share the same ethos, welcome and enjoy, because lets face it...

it would be rude not to.



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August 24, 2019

Less than an 2 hour train ride from Shinjuku and you'll arrive in Hakone, one of my favourite side trips. Let me show you why you should make the short trip and see an area of Japan rich in history and packed full of exciting experiences. 

Please enjoy my 24 h...

May 17, 2017

For the longest time I had been hearing of the amazing cuisine found in Penang, the "Pearl of the Orient". Hearing that Penang was the food capital of Malaysia, you can imagine my excitement, this kind of hype had me salivating at the mere thought of visiting. Already...

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